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We'll only trouble you a few times a year, mostly reminding you when our concerts are coming. Generally we'll send out a "Save the Date" notice as soon as we ourselves know when and where we'll be singing. Then there'll be another reminder a week or so before showtime -- just because we know how hard it is to keep track of all our social engagements in this hurly-burly city we sometimes call New York.

Here's what's going to happen. As soon as you submit this form, you're going to get *another* e-mail, with a link you'll need to click to confirm your enrollment. It seems like a lot of rigamarole, but it's how we make sure that no one but you can put your name on the list. When you click the link in that new e-mail, you're going to get yet one more piece of mail, confirming that it all worked. In about two minutes, you'll get almost as much e-mail in this process as you'll get in a year from The Art Mob.

It goes without saying that we'll never sell or give away your details. If it comes to it, we'll even deny knowing you, confident that you'll return the courtesy. Your love of the Art Mob will stay strictly entre nous. As it should be.

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